Jun. 24, 2012

Are we doing this?

Are we actually doing this blog again? Fuck. Oldmonk putting pressure to talk puck during the summer months when we should all be sitting outside on a patio, drowning in Bud Light Lime Mojito (oh god I'm kidding).

But this is a good time-filler for the shit rainy days, so here. we. go.

Let's talk Rick Nash!

By this time, everyone knows the Sens are interested in Slick Rick - RDS, TSN, etc are all reporting it, with the pieces going back being Zibanistan, Big Ben Bishop, and Nicky Figs. Lotta debate over why we should and why we why we shouldn't, with a lot of the smarter Sens blogs arguing against bringing in Nash, but let's get to the crux of the whole thing:


I'm just completely throwing logic and #fancystats aside here for a minute, because let's think of the times recently that we've been really excited as Sens fans:
  • Gonchar signing as a UFA(!!) WOW! SERGEI GONCHAR, ALL-STAR!
  • Sens have the 6th pick! Couturier is still available after the Isle bomb their pick with Ryan Strome, and Corey Pronman ranks him as a great talent! Can't wait!
  • Craig Anderson for BElly? I don't just like this trade, I Joseph Gordon-LOVE IT!
  • Kyle. Turris.
So I threw a couple bad examples in there, because yeah...maybe the pundits are right, and Nash is going to regress just as expected; if that's the case, 55-65pts on a $7.8M contract is pretty dang terrible. But don't you want to get excited anymore? Don't you want to get that TSN alert on your phone, and go "HOLY SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED" and start calling all your friends to talk about it?

Let's be real here: no one expected the Sens to make the playoffs this past year, and that was awesome. Great year, whatever whatever. It brought a lot of casual fans back to the team, and what better way to draw them even further back  into the fold than to bring a marquee name to the team? At the end of the day, this is a business so y'know Huge Euge wants those sell-outs, and maybe in the long term this will turn out godawful and I hate you Rick Nash I hate you just go die.

But maybe not. So chalk this Sens fan up to being excited about the possibility, and let's leave all the bitching and moaning 'til they hit the ice, eh?

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  1. Leafs got the ball rolling for us. They pulled the trigger on a sick deal themselves.

    For that price: Foligno, Z-Bad, and Bishop, I pretty much do this deal in a heartbeat. A top six of:

    Nash - Spezza - Stone
    Milo - Turris - Alfie

    ...would be ridiculous. Seeing as this may or may not even be Alfie's last kick at the can (could be done already), then Eugene might be thinking it's time to deal. But, it's his money, not mine.

    I guess it depends on if Sens management has soured on Z-bad at all. Between him and Bishop, how many games have they played between them? 11? 14? I know there's more to consider, including Nash's lengthy term, but if that's the cost, I have a hard time saying no if I'm Uncle Euge.