Nov. 17, 2011

Quick Filatov Hit

Aaron Portzline (@Aportzline on Twitter) had a nifty little story this morning about everyone's favourite Russian superstar.

No, not Yashin. Or Kovalev. Or know what, it's about Nikita Filatov. Quote:
True story about Filatov, was just given clearance to share: One of his many previous coaches calls him into room with video guy for one-on-one film work, to show him instance of where they want him to crash the net and get to rebounds, create scoring chances. After four or five clips, Filatov steps back from the monitor, looks at the coaches and says, flatly: "Filly don't do rebounds"
 The emphasis is ours.

The two main takeaway points from that story:
  1. Nikita Filatov refers to himself in the third person, by his nickname. I'm not sure if this is new information, but it is GD spectacular. Filly is really sweet on Elaine.
  2. He's far too big for his britches. Since he was a young buck, the talent in this kid was as Ann as the nose on plain's face, to the point where he could take over a game single-handedly if he wanted to. I guess he just hasn't decided to do that yet, because the lazy man's lure (the KHL) is an easy mistress to fall back on. It's a real shame that he's holding himself back like that and refusing to learn the game, mostly because he cost a third-round pick this past summer.
Notable third-round picks from Senators' history include Chris Kelly (1999), Peter Regin (2004), Zack Smith (2008), and Kaspars Daugavins (2006).
    Dasvidania, Filly.

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    1. re: "The two main takeaway points from that story:"

      filly disagree, takeaway point is filly don't do rebounds