Nov. 18, 2011

The drunkest oilers vs. Senatoras November 17th, 2011 game review you're ever gonna get.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've asked "Oldmonk" to do drunken game recaps. They won't always be drunken because that's a quick trip to the grave, but when they are you'll see this note. Post is unedited, but any clarifying comments will be noted.

My one rtule is that I can't use the back space button for this post in its entirely.

The Oilers were all over the Sens t o start the game. Nugent-Hokins is a futeuer one hundred point player. Bank it. Take the certifired cheque to the bank and well I guess to whoever's gonna get the cheque and tell them to cash that shit. The guy is a phenom. LL Cool J didn't even know it but that song was all about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. That being said, his team got dumped on by the mighty Ottawa Senators. The mighty mighty Sens took the lead early on a beauty from Greening "The Hiulk" Greening (Colin "the Hulk" Greening, apparently) and they never looked back.


Yesss, the Sens ended up winning by a score of 5-2. All of our competitors got beat out as well. Wins from the Blues, Islanders and Preds helped us gaing a big two points on Florida, Montreal and Toronto respectively. This was a huuuuge win for our boys.

Kaspars daugavins scored a bit of a weak one about 8 (ed note: 9, but close enough) seconds after this first goal. Actually it was a pretty excellent shot. The next goal from Michalek was a complete fluke of a goal. Spezza did a great job winning the draw, but there was no way this should've been a goal on ANY NHL goalie. This shot was weaker than a butterfly and it managed to squeak past Khabibulin. 3-0. The Khabs' gets pulled after the first.

Get in there Devin (Devan) Dubnyk says the ugly ass old coach of the Oilers. I dunno so it's what, the second period? And then big Blueberry Jess (Jesse Winchester) gets a breakwaway. Is it offsiede? He looks around. He's lookin, no offside, and he goes. Right. t. the . net. Right. to. the. net. HE goes in, big shot, top righthand corner and my goodness the Sens are enjoying a 4-0...ok I just looked it up on and I fogtot that edmonton got one in the meantime. So winchie scores to make it 4-1.


The conclusion.

The game ends with Konopka getting a pretty goa cool goal I guess. So it's 5-1 Sens, and we're moonwalkin' off the ice. The Oilers get one late but the Sens have done what they came to do. The third was pretty boring to be honesty .

My giold star of the game goes to number 9 Milan Michalek. He was the driving force behind the Sens' offence and really did his paT TO help ther team.

Second silver star goes to the main the myth, the legend Jasoooooonnnnnnb SPPPPPEEEEeeeezaaaaa. The guy is unstobbaple right now and is the reason we;re all enjoying watching this team. Look no further for the future captain of the Sens. Once Fisher left, this subject became closed for debate.

Bronze star has to go to Erik Karlsson. He was matching up well agains the young guys from the city of champoins, and always seemd to be an offensive threat as well .

Great job from the boys in red and white to get the job done for three in a row. This game marks the first quarter of the season and it's nice to grab a big W.


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