Nov. 23, 2011

Lazy Man's Weekend

Welcome back!

In case you can't tell, there's a pretty mellow vibe to this blog as far as updates go, and as far as keeping it prim & proper on a regular basis. That'll happen when there's only one Sens game on a motherfucking Sunday night, at the same time as the New York Giants are playing the Eagles in the game that decides whether Adam wins $1600 on a Pro-Line ticket (LOST, FELL ASLEEP).
Hard to recap a Sens game when you don't even watch it, am I right? Twitter recap said it was a snoozer, and the team lost so that's not much fun. Recap done!

Here are things that happened:
- Toronto has been as everyone expected them to be, an offensive dynamo. Two out of three games where they scored 7 goals each? It could make for a really long year in Sensland if the Leafs keep this up - although Phil Kessel will never maintain that shooting %. NEVER!

oh god the horror the horror the horror

- The Islanders debut their third jersey tonight against Philadelphia. In related news, Quebec City has announced they don't want anything to do with them. Fucking eyesores, man.

- Future Calder Trophy winner Matt Read scored 4 goals in his last 3 games, to put him at 9-5-14 on the season as a 25-year old undrafted free agent, and was named 3rd star of the week. Meanwhile, Jesse Winchester has 1-3-4, and the much heralded Stephane DaCosta has 3-2-5 and a minus 9; but please remember Bryan Murray is the best. Infer what I think about Murray from this if it pleases you.

- Sidney Crosby came back. Also making a return: terrible jokes about how he has more points than (player), CBC fellating him at every opportunity, high blood pressure from 29 NHL fanbases. Respect Crosby, he's an unreal player - that much is plain as fucking day - but please, let him play the next game without the fanfare.

Things that will happen:
 - Ottawa plays again on Friday against the Penguins and the aforementioned Crosby. It's a long week, everybody. Friday could be a tough night for the Sens, but some blog contributors will be getting slopfest-y over at Gracie's, so expect a drunken recap (!!!)

- Former Senator Brian Elliott gets to show what he's got against the Penguins tonight, as he enters the game as the number one goalie in the league with a GAA of 1.43 and a SV% of .947. Tonight'll be a real test for the former backup/starter/backup, and CROSBYCROSBYCROSBYPENGUINSCROSBY
(Chris Stewart also returns for the Blues, after a 3-game suspension)

- There are 13 games on a Wednesday night, so if you have Centre Ice or Gamecentre Live you're living the dream tonight. As Canadians though, there'll be the suffering of having to miss 6 afternoon games on Black Friday, and not a single game Thursday.

- Don't forget to VOTE ALFIE! for the All-Star Game. Also recommended: voting Karlsson and Michalek, because they're the most deserving of an actual spot. Vote-rigging is a disgusting and aggravating thing (see: Florida, 2000 and Muppet Battle, 2011) and the only person that *should* get voted in on past merit is Alfie. Keep hitting those buttons and sending texts.

Things that won't happen:
 - Hockey on Thursday. Not to hammer the point down that the NHL will lay over to the whims of the NFL, but it's especially aggravating that the Senators (as well as the Leafs) had no problem getting scheduled on the biggest NFC East battle of my life this past weekend. No bitterness here, that's why I mentioned it twice.

-Anybody else ever writing for this blog. What a joke. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS (also the name might change at some point)

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